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Sustainability at Løvtag

Løvtag was created from a dream of inviting more people to discover how amazing the forest is. We believe that humans will take better care of nature if we develop a closer relationship with it.

Therefore, sustainability is a natural part of everything we do. Tourism may never become 100% sustainable, but our goal is to get as close as possible.

On this page, you can see some examples of how we work with sustainability.

We take care of the forest

Our cabins can only be built in non-protected forest areas where, in principle, all trees can be felled. Løvtag helps make the forest profitable as a natural area and thus protects it from traditional forestry practices.

We keep the forest as natural as possible. Fallen trees and branches are left to decompose naturally because insects and other animals that are important for biodiversity thrive best in decaying tree trunks.

We build thoughtfully

Our cabins are built around the trees and supported by poles, ensuring that the trees remain unharmed and can continue to grow. We use screw foundations gently screwed into the ground to avoid damaging the tree roots.

The majority of our building materials are environmentally certified. For example, the wood is Thermowood, and the screw foundations from Fremtidens Fundament are partially made of recycled steel.

We consume thoughtfully

The electricity in the cabins comes exclusively from renewable energy sources, and we have made many small choices that together help reduce our footprint: kitchen rolls and toilet paper are made from recycled paper, we use a French press for coffee instead of coffee capsules, we use LED bulbs, and we minimize the use of paper, among other things.

We prioritize subcontractors who share our way of thinking. For example, Kruse Vask, who is very focused on minimizing their electricity and water consumption when laundering linens.

We support the local community

Løvtag is run on a daily basis by a small team of employees from the local area. The breakfast and brunch we offer consist of products from local producers and stores (baker, butcher, grocery store, apple juice press, etc.). Additionally, we recommend our guests to visit local restaurants and cafés.

Collaborating with local suppliers helps reduce our CO2 footprint from transportation and contributes to the development of the local economy.

We support Forests of the World

There are limits to what we can achieve on our own, which is why we have chosen to support the organization Forests of the World, which works to ensure that forests worldwide are managed socially, environmentally, and economically sustainably.

We support them through ongoing donations and by promoting World Forests on our platforms. If you also want to fight for more forests in the world, you can support Forests of the World here.

How can you contribute?

As a guest at Løvtag, you can make a difference by, for example, sorting your waste in the designated bins in the kitchen. If it gets hot in the cabin during the summer, you can cool it down by opening windows and hatches instead of using the heat pump as an air conditioner. Also, consider how you can reduce your impact on the forest, such as staying on the designated trails and avoiding damaging the trees’ bark.

You can also support Forests of the World by purchasing one of their cool tote bags when you book your stay with us.

Finally, we hope you will tell your friends that the forest is an amazing place that we need to take good care of.