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Surrounded by trees

Imagine waking up to the sight of the sun shining through the leaves of the threes while far beneath you the cold from the night has left a thin layer of fog covering the forest flow.

Inside the cabin a living tree shoots from the floor and up through the roof. Follow the tree to the roof terrace where you can enjoy your morning coffee as well as the spectacular view over the treetops.


Our cabins are all equipped with:
• A small kitchen with a fridge, stove, oven, kettle and tableware
• Toilet with access to outdoor shower
• One queen-size bed and one sofa bed that sleeps two
• A roof terrace overviewing the forest

All cabins have water, electricity and indoor plumbing. The bed is made with organic bed linen, and there are towels for all guests, a dishtowel and a dish cloth.

The architecture

The cabins are designed by architect Sigurd Larsen. The expression is Nordic minimalism, utilizing every cubic centimetre to its utmost.
Inside, the cabins are both modern, comfortable and ‘hyggelige’. Built 6-8 meters up the tree, the cabins enclose the tree itself which goes up through the middle of the cabin, ensuring that our guests are truly close to nature. Large windows to the south and west let in lots of natural light.