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Buy a gift certificate for Løvtag

Interested in buying a gift certificate for full or partial payment for an overnight stay in the Løvtag cabins?

All gift certificates are valid for two years. This means that the recipient has two years in which to make the booking. The stay itself can, of course, be further in the future - we are often fully booked well into the future.

You will receive the gift certificate in an email shortly after placing your order - ready for printing.

Message on the gift certificate
It is possible to add a short message to the gift certificate. Please note that only the first six lines of text will be visible on the gift certificate sent to you.

Feel free to choose any amount for the gift certificate (though minimum 195 DKK).

If you wish to cover the full cost of an overnight stay, we recommend the following options:

  • 1,950 DKK (two persons on a weekday in the low season)
  • 2,450 DKK (two persons on weekends in the low season and weekdays during the shoulder season)
  • 2,950 DKK (two persons on weekends in the shoulder season)
  • 3,450 DKK (two persons on some holidays and the high season 2024)
  • 3,950 DKK (two persons in the high season 2025)

If you would like to issue the gift certificate for more than two persons, please add 350 DKK per extra person (max two additional persons).

If the recipient does not use the full amount when making a booking, the rest of the gift certificate will continue to be valid until the expiry date.

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