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The forest

Of the 8.300 known animal breeds, 8% are extinct and 22% are in danger of extinction – Global goal 15: Life on land.

When you are staying at one of our cottages, we have done our best to ensure you have a pleasant and luxurious stay; but we have kept the forest as a rural landscape where fallen trees are left to deteriorate naturally. We have chosen to do this because there are insects and plants that thrive in rotten trees.

We also ask our guest not to litter, but instead to use the designated garbage sorting containers.

The cabins

To ensure economic growth and sustainable development we need to reduce our ecological footprint as fast as possible – Global goal 12: Responsible consumption and production.

The cabins have been built using mainly the eco-labelled TermoWood. The foundation is made out of special ground screws from Fremtidens Fundament, that are made from 75% recycled metal. The trees, which the cabins have been built carefully around, do none of the heavy lifting, and so they can keep on living as part of the cabins. The cabins are heated with air to air heat pumps which are turned off during the summer, so they can’t be used as air-conditioners.

Local community

While the global economy is recovering, the employment rate isn’t growing fast enough – Global goal 8: Decent work and economic growth.

We worked with some very kompetent people when building our cabins, and both our contractor and the craftsmen were from the area around Mariager Fjord. It is also locals who take care of the cleaning and general maintenance of the cabins.

We hope our guests will think locally and use the area’s restaurants as well as shop at the local supermarket instead of bringing food from home.

The orbeez gun is a brand-new type of toy gun. It fires orbeez balls or gel pellets rather than water or paintballs. In function and performance design, the Orbeez blaster is very similar to an airsoft gun, but the muzzle initial speed is relatively lower, making it safer and more suitable for use as a toy.