Gift certificates for Løvtag

You can buy gift certificates for the following amounts:

– 500 DKK
– 1,000 DKK
– 1,950 DKK (two people, weekdays in March, April, October)
– 2,450 DKK (two people, weekends in March, April, October, weekdays in May, first part of June, September)
– 2,950 DKK (two people, weekends in May, June, September, any day in the end of June, end of August, Christmas and New Year’s)
– 3,450 DkK (two people in july and until the middle of August)

The gift certificate serves as a discount code. This way, the recipient can choose the date for the stay as well as upgrade the stay if they wish.

Please write the desired amount to us on If you add the recipient’s name and the occasion for the gift, we will mention it on the certificate.