The forest

The hotel is built in a small, quaint forest on the Als Odde peninsula. The forest is a mix of deciduous and coniferous forest with soft moss covering large expanses of the forest floor. If you are lucky – and quiet – you may well see deer in the forest.

The cabins are built on a small hillside known as The Dwarf's Mound. The cabins face downhill, which gives a wonderful view and lets the sunshine in during the afternoon.

The fjord

Mariager Fjord is Denmark’s longest and, we believe, most beautiful fjord. It winds through varied scenic landscape from the town of Hobro in the West to Als Odde in the East.

The fjord is internationally renowned among anglers, especially due to its large and tasty fjord trout. If fishing is not your thing, we highly recommend taking a trip down the fjord in a kayak or sailboat.

Experiences nearby

The main attraction of Als Odde is nature – peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and mass tourism. Within walking distance, you have the quaint forest restaurant Jægerhuset (the Hunter's House) as well as Café Odden from where you can enjoy the views of the fjord and the sea.

The small town of Als is only 6 km away. Here you find a well-assorted supermarket, the local bakery and the butcher shop. A short drive away you find the coastal town of Øster Hurup with its broad child-friendly beaches. Northern Europe’s largest bog, Lille Vildmose, as well as the areas of outstanding natural beauty, Rold Skov and Rebild Bakker, are also within 30 minutes by car.